Tips for Writing Better Data Analysis in Your Dissertation

Your research strategy and data analysis methods will impact your findings in more ways than you can imagine. Dissertations are all about research and therefore, you must get this aspect of the study right if you want to get excellent grades in your academics. We bring you some valuable tips that will help you to write better data analysis:

Relevance of the data – Don’t just include all the data in your study. Only use the ones that affect your research objectives as irrelevant data can indicate your lack of focus and a confused thought process.

Analysis – Use a method that suits your data as well as the research objective. Explain why you selected the particular methods and display your findings in a meaningful manner.

Quantitative analysis – Quantitative data is used in scientific, technical, sociological and other research disciplines. It must be handled with the right statistical measures. If you are using quantitative data, statistical analysis will be the biggest part of your data analysis chapters.

Qualitative analysis – Data that is non-numerical should not be treated as soft data. Use the same kind of analytical skills to understand and represent this data in your study. This data must show relevance, significance and validity through your findings.

Presentation – Once you have analysed the data, presenting it can be a difficult task. Use all kinds of presentation methods like charts, graphs, quotes, diagrams and formulae to communicate your findings in the best possible manner.

Appendix – This involves submitting all the data you have collected and it might seem too long to fit it into the dissertation. The sample questionnaire, data sheets, interview transcripts and results of focus group discussions must be included here.

When you clearly state your findings and support them with logical reasoning and powerful numbers, your data analysis chapter will definitely add strength to your dissertation. 

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