Proposal Writing Service

The foundation for a good PhD dissertation is laid by a strong proposal. If this first step is not negotiated well, then it is not possible for the scholar to continue with his research project. Nora Consulting academicians know how tough it is for students to impress their university boards. That is why they have provided the right assistance in this regard for many years so that students can embark on their dream projects.

When a student contacts us regarding his or her project our subject matter experts, look through the details of what kind of research the student intends to conduct. Then they begin laying down the main points of the proposal. These are matters like what questions the project aims to answer and how the student proposes to answer them. Is the project viable? Can the student spare time and expense to handle the project? Emphasis is laid on the originality of the project, and how it will benefit the subject that the student specializes in. A portion of the content is devoted to explaining the research methodology that the student plans to use and the time frame that the project would take. Explanations are also given on the assistance that the student would take for completing the project as well as the literature he would source for his research. Then lastly, but most importantly, the proposal would talk about why that particular student is best suited for this project.

The academicians at Nora Consulting are in constant touch with the academic world. They know the latest trends in academic research and what university boards are looking for. That is why they have the skills to write a proposal that would get accepted. They also advise students on how they should plan their projects and how to complete it within a limited time limit. PhD supervisors look at many criteria before they give the go ahead for a research project. A little help from us goes a long way in meeting that criterion. Contact us today for an outstanding PhD dissertation proposal writing service.