PhD Research Consulting

Various universities across the world prescribe different style requirements for writing a PhD dissertation. Over the years, we have acquired familiarity with all these styles. Moreover, our team has subject matter experts, academic writers, editors and research consultants who have helped hundreds of scholars. Here is a glimpse of all the services that you can attain from Nora Consulting:

  • PROPOSAL WRITING: Write a proposal with an eye on success and you will be able to get a prompt approval for the research project. Getting started in the right direction is the first step towards attaining your goal. We will help you in drafting an impressive proposal.
  • DISSERTATION CONSULTING: Writing a dissertation for your doctoral course is challenging. After all, you spend many months, and sometimes years in preparing the project. Whether you are doing a qualitative study, statistical research or conducting scientific experiments, the documentation is going to be tough. Our PhD research consultants will offer advice on preparing notes, creating the framework, placing of tables and images, using the right words, and structuring the dissertation in the correct manner.
  • DATA ANALYSIS: Describing all steps of the analysis with accuracy and in the required format is necessary for ensuring that you attain high scores. Our experts know all about programs like SAS, SPSS, AMOS, Eviews and Stata. They will help you in the application of tests and interpretation of results.
  • EDITING SERVICES: Editing is something for which all PhD scholars should consult a professional. As you are so familiar with the work you have completed, many mistakes are bound to escape your eye. Our editors are familiar with various editing styles like APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago. We check the entire document closely and ensure that there is not a single error left.

The pricing for our services makes them all the more competitive and attractive. Call our team or send us a mail at to get customized PhD research consulting services.