Master’s Research Services

At Nora Consulting, you will get the answers to all the questions that cross your mind when working on your master’s thesis. From choosing the topic for thesis, to preparing the research design and documenting the research process, you will need expert guidance at every step. Understanding the need of students across various colleges, we have formulated a unique service, wherein you will get guidance in an interactive and ethical manner.

We will not write the thesis for you, but provide every help to do so. The procedure that we follow for providing consultation is seamless and ensures that scholars do not face any problem while accessing our services. You just have to provide the details of your project, and we will assign a mentor who knows all about your subject. The following are the masters research help services offered for master’s scholars:

  • Thesis Writing: Writing a master’s thesis as per the rules laid down by the college is essential, and we will help you do so. When you request for consultation, you must mention the required style for writing, word length and the deadline for submission. We will plan a schedule for helping you accordingly and guarantee that you get success.
  • Statistics help: Statistical research will be done with 100% accuracy if you consult our team. We have expertise in a number of tools and tests. Moreover, our mentors will explain every step of the computation in detail. Giving you a strong base in statistics is our motive so that you get in depth knowledge of the modules.
  • Proofreading: We have a team of proofreaders who work in a collaborative manner and double check each and every chapter of your thesis. They will scrutinize the language and format and even present you with a report which has all the proofreaders’ marks and the changes that we have made.
  • Developmental Editing: getting published in a leading journal is not easy. Hence, when you have prepared a research paper which is worthy of publication, then you must get assistance from our development editor. They will assess the manuscript and make it perfect so that it matches international standards.

If you are in need of reliable and timely consultation for masters research help services, then send us the details of the project at