Editing Services

Nora Consultants has a team who has ample expertise in developmental editing services for master’s thesis. Many scholars approach us before they began their work and during the course of their research. We have suggested ideas for their project and planned the way in which research is to be conducted. Outlines for the report have been created, and formats for the chapters have been prepared. Writers have been coached by us in using the right language in which to frame their thoughts and ideas. The first step needs to be taken perfectly before a scholar can embark on an arduous research project. And the desk of our editors is often the first step for many post graduates who have earned accolades for their thesis.

From the book of an aspiring writer to the course paper of a Master’s level student, from an article that needs to be published in a journal to a thesis on a subject matter of academic significance; our editors have seen it all. All of our editors have acquired high qualifications from the finest academic institutes. They have gained expertise on various subjects from the humanities to the sciences, from mathematics to information technology. There is no subject that is outside their area of purview.

Many students approach us with an idea already in mind. We look through the idea and judge if it is viable to work on it. If modifications need to be made then we advise the student suitably. We also give a list of ideas to scholars who are looking for something new to work on. The structure of the project is given a lot of attention so that all the ideas are integrated seamlessly. Balanced coverage is given to both sides in projects that debate opposing points of view. Our development editors are in touch with the vagaries of the intellectual community. So they know the kind of project and the kind of research that is sure to get the attention of the academic world. Send us your manuscript at info@noraconsulting.nl and we will help you reach the publishers’ desk.