Data Analysis Help

At Nora Consulting, we have some of the finest statisticians and analysts working with us. We know how essential it is for the data to be interpreted properly. There are many students who find it easy to compile the data. But that is only half the work. It is even more essential to draw the right inferences from it. What does that all that data mean? What does it tell us? Does it support the hypothesis or does it negate it? When it comes to the viva voce, the examiners are known to grill the students ruthlessly on the work they have done on their data.

Our analysts who provide PhD dissertation data analysis service, possess several skills that could help students on their analysis.

  • They are well versed with quantitative, qualitative, inductive, deductive, uni-variate and multi-variate data analysis.
  • They use coding methods that are suitable for the work which the student is doing.
  • They link the analysis of the data with the hypothesis and theories framed by the student.
  • They prepare the students thoroughly so that he or she may explain the analysis correctly in front of the viva voce board.

There are many fields which require extensive accumulation of data and its appropriate analysis. These involve PhDs in life sciences and social sciences. Often PhD students in the social sciences take extensive surveys whose results have to be broken down and analysed. Many of our analysts have doctorates in mathematics and statistics. Our teams also have subject matter experts in many areas. All this enables us to help students ask the right questions and derive the right answers. Our academicians also help students learn the various methods of data mining and data analysis that would prove beneficial for them in their future. The right analysis of properly accumulated data is half the battle won on the road to a PhD. The data bank for dissertation data analysis service should be sent to