Research in the Textile Industry

An interesting field of research in the textile industry is related to fashion. The topics in this field necessarily include luxury in fashion and similar ones. Knit design and manufacture is another interesting area of research, and it explores different possibilities by incorporating the conventional methods in knitting and knit technologies like CAM, CAD, etc.

Research is also being carried out in the field of textile design and clothing manufacture. The topics include textile aesthetics measurement, fabric mechanics, and so on. Additionally, computer-controlled visualization techniques and 3D modelling are also being considered for research. Another interesting field of research is the designing of multi-sensory products in the textile industry. This makes use of the light-emitting property of optical fibres combined with electronic sound technology applications.

There is another kind of research going on in the field of designing. This type of research focuses on disseminating new methods, proposals, and processes in designing. In fact, this field of research seeks support from people who have daily contact with garments, materials, spaces, systems, media, and so on.

In short, the scope for research in the textile field is limitless. Further, there are many other interesting research themes coming up with each passing year.


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