Importance of Research Proposal

Carrying out a research work is a critical task, which every researcher has to undertake, and in the course of this journey there comes several predicaments, which the researchers are not aware of. Experienced researchers, who are into several research areas, can exploit their experiences to the fullest in this regard. As they have been in the field of research for a stint period of time, their intuitional ability to predict the research outcome is superior compared to that of the ability of the researchers. Moreover, by looking at the scope of the study, the experienced researchers can predict about the possible predicaments the researcher is going to face, while carrying out the study. That is the reason, research supervisors always advise the researchers working under them to present a research proposal before starting off with the study.

While carrying out a presentation on a research proposal before senior researchers, a set of insights may come out in the due course of the proposal. First, as senior experienced researchers are better acquainted with the literature, they can suggest more relevant literature, which can substantiate the research objective in a better way. Second, suggestions may come in terms of betterment of the intended research methodology, which can bring forth more rigors to the study. Third, a major chunk of suggestions may come in terms of the required data for the study. Senior researchers can provide suggestions with better sources of data, which can make the study more implementation oriented in nature. Moreover, they can also provide suggestions regarding cleaning and formatting of the data. Lastly, they ask several questions to the researcher regarding the context, literature review, research gaps, which can possibly make the researcher to think about all those aspects once again, and in this way the study to be carried out can be more rigorous. For more information about various important aspects of research proposal, kindly browse through the pages of

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