From Idea to a Paper

In accordance with most of the reputed senior researchers and academicians across the world, inscription of a quality research work is nothing but a piece of fact based creative writing, with some theoretical background. Well, in some sense, this argument may possibly be considered to be valid enough. If any research paper is scrutinized thoroughly, then it can be seen that the paper has started by mentioning an idea, and in order to establish and substantiate that idea, facts and figures, theoretical backgrounds have been provided. From this perspective, it can be said that writing a research based paper is the highest form of creative writing, as the same idea can be put forth in a number of ways, and almost all of them can prove out to be valid in diverse contexts. Now, it may sound to be easy to generate an idea and put that into a plain piece of paper, but in actuality, it is not. It is a more critical practice than it seems to be.

Generally, ideas are generated by observing a phenomenon, and dissecting the same into logical blocks, which are interrelated and implementable. For example, crime rate in any nation may go up or down, but relating that with the number of abortions in that nation is an idea. Ideas do not come as a bolt from the blue; rather they come from the very surroundings. One has to observe a phenomenon very closely, and then it is needed to look for the major reasons behind that phenomenon. Now, this part is critical, as here the role of a researcher becomes important, because the way the phenomenon has been observed by the researcher, the causation will be interpreted y that way only. Once the idea is generated, rest of the parts is methodical. For more information about various aspects of idea generation and inscribing that into a paper format, kindly browse through the pages of

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