Developmental Editor: Work in Collaboration to Make Your Manuscript Marketable

Paul D. McCarthy once wrote “Successful collaboration allows the author to feel sustained and liberated by knowing that she doesn’t have to bear the burden of creation, development, and refinement alone.” (Source: “Developmental Editing”) It is indeed true for the students of PhD, who take the help of professionals for completing the editing part of their dissertation. If you want your dissertation or thesis or journal article to get published, then you must take assistance of some developmental editor, who will guide you to make your document more attractive and easily marketable to the publishers.

Who is a developmental editor?

Developmental editor is one who helps in scrutinizing the structure and content of the written document, may it be a thesis, or a dissertation or any journal article. He ensures that the manuscript is duly focused and navigates you to make it easily marketable to the publishers. He gives personal attention to ensure the proper consistency of the tone of the write-up so that it can communicate to the targeted readers easily. He will not dictate you how to write the manuscript, rather, you will get scope to justify your point of view at the time of disagreement.

Teamwork can bring good result

You should not forget that both you and your developmental editor have the same goal to achieve that is to turn your manuscript into a good book. So, if you work together as a team, the final result is bound to be excellent. And, when you work in collaboration with your editor you need to be open minded and accept the feedbacks with ease & work on them seriously. Your behavior and communication skill with the editor should be good. If at any point you feel your editor is unable to understand your views and ideas, consider replacing him with someone else.

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